Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset

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Zipp’s 303 Firecrest wheelset has long been the premium all-rounder of choice for those looking to mix things up on road or off it. Before gravel riding entered common parlance, they were the go-to wheelset for the competitive cyclocross rider.

But don’t be deterred if you’re a pure roadie. These wheels draw on the experience of a company that’s been honing its wheel-building prowess in the Spring Classics for season after season. They’re a wheel equally as comfortable keeping up on a speedy weekend club run as they are on the jarring roads of the cobbled roads of Roubaix. With this latest edition, you can be assured that every effort has gone into ensuring top-class comfort, low weight, and speed both on the flats and uphill.

The Hooks Are Off

More and more wheel builders are opting for ‘hookless’ rims. This design feature removes the distinctive ‘hook’ curl on the inside of traditional wheels. Instead, you’ll notice the rim wall extends straight up from the rim bed. In Zipp’s latest offering, the straightedge allows for a smoother transition between rim and tyre, improving the aerodynamics of the wheel.

In addition, the internal width of the rim is a wide 25mm, the company’s in-house testing pairs this best with a 28mm tubeless tyre. Add in that these wheels are built for disc brakes, and it’s clear they’ve been optimised for use in varied real-world conditions.

Less Weight, More Aero Weighing in at 1,352g, this is a light wheelset by any definition. Given the low weight, you can be confident they won’t see you being dropped on alpine ascents and will get up to speed quickly for those decisive moments. Combined with a 40mm rim depth, you won’t find many — if any — bicycle wheels offering such depth and stiffness at a comparable weight and price point.

Real-World Test Many claims by wheel makers are made based on unobtainable optimum riding conditions. For these wheels, Zipp has completed testing in real-world conditions, as opposed to the more typical sterile wind tunnel testing or computer simulation.

The results of its testing are evident in the design of the wheel. The shape is slightly more bulbous than the previous iteration, which — like straightening the inner rim — helps smooth the transition between rim and tyre, reducing drag and ultimately adding more speed for less effort.

A wide rim also aids in reducing tyre deflection, which decreases rolling resistance and enables you to use a wider tyre, increase tyre volume, and lower tyre pressure. All combined, this equals a smoother ride and less rider fatigue, which — when you consider the old adage ‘smoot is fast’ — can only be considered a good thing, especially in their natural environment, rough terrain.

In The Hub It’s not only the rim design that has been overhauled. The 303 Firecrests feature an all-new hubset. Designed and developed by leading German engineers, the new hub uses stainless-steel cartridge bearings and includes an improved seal, further indicating Zipp’s intention for this to be a wheel that is versatile and durable. Additionally, with 66 points of engagement, it offers near-instant engagement from freewheeling to putting the power down for that decisive moment.

Product Features

  • New Zipp graphics
  • Versatile endurance wheelset for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile
  • Lighter weight than its predecessor, making it nimble and fast
  • Tubeless optimised tyre bed allows for simple tool-free installation and removal with no need for an air compressor to seat the tyre
  • A wide 25mm rim profile that creates a better tyre interface to be fast on or off the road
  • A 40mm rim depth which offers an ideal compromise on weight and aerodynamics
  • New ZR1 DB hub is engineered in Germany with better seal design for improved durability and quicker response with 66 points of engagement
  • Ships with 12mm front and rear end caps
  • Center locking rotor interface. Lockring is included with the wheels
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